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Shenzhen City Ming Yu hair Technology Co., Ltd., focus on the field of LED technology research and full-color LED display, LED lighting products, production, sales and service, is committed to to to provide customers with production, scheme, engineering integration solution is LED optoelectronic field leading integrated service operators. Ming Yu made LED application products are complete, product diversification, widely used in various public places, such as commercial square, government agencies, sports venues, transportation facilities, financial institutions, Stars Hotel, etc., in the domestic market to occupy the leading position in the industry.
LED display series products include: light bar screen, rental screen, advertising light box, the highway induced screen, special screen, court, etc.. LED lighting series of products include: interior decoration lamps, street lamps, mining lamps, park craft lamps and lighting products and so on, sold in over 110 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania. Throughout more than 30 domestic provinces, cities and autonomous regions.
The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system; the company has passed FC, CCC, UL, CE and other quality certification and related ROHS certification, strict quality management in ISO9001:2008 system to improve product quality management, pay attention to the practice and application of daily 7S management standards, IPQC, FQC, IQC, OQC, QA in the process of supply chain management. Basic lead and achieve the industry standard of LED display products, the unique business model of mass production, the industry has won a good reputation in the international and industry standards, has a profound impact on the industry standard.
Ming Yu Fa always adhere to the core values of honesty, integrity, innovation, dedication, unity, the pursuit of excellence,
Ming Yu hair always in the service style of "careful, rigorous, optimistic, efficiency", in the global scope, and carries on the service and the guidance to the user. Ming Yu Fa committed to creating a service international professional and technical team, concerned about providing customers with the highest quality products, the most attentive service, the most scientific solution, so as to win the hearts of customers!
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[email protected] Shenzhen development of ming yu Technology Co.,Ltd.
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